Application process

Thank you for your interest in joining the Executive MBA Council.

To complete your membership application:

  • Compile the additional information that is requested below 
  • Fill in and submit the online academic member application form and upload your supporting materials 
  • Submit $100 for the application fee via credit card on the form below or by sending a check to the council

As a reminder, schools must first meet the following four criteria before submitting an application form:

  • Status as a public or private not-for-profit institution of higher learning 
  • Accreditation or equivalent recognition (See details on form) 
  • Offering of Executive MBA and/or MS programs targeted for executives and working professionals with at least five years of significant post-baccalaureate work experience

Please note that we are not able to review your application until we receive your supporting materials and your application fee.

Academic Membership Application Form

Please use link to the form below to start your application process. When you hit the link, you will be asked to enter your e-mail to proceed. Once you enter your e-mail, the form will appear.

> Application for Executive MBA Council Academic Membership Form

Required information

In addition to completing the form, please submit the following:

  • Outline of your program’s curriculum (i.e. listing of courses) 
  • Total required contact hours, or the total time in faculty-supported learning, including the basis of calculation for those hours (i.e., 50-minute hour, 60-minute hour) and amount of faculty-supported, technology-based learning (i.e., webcast, Blackboard/Web CT, other synchronous or asynchronous learning platforms) 
  • Total required credits for graduation 
  • Number of students in a typical class or cohort group 
  • PDF files of brochures or marketing materials that describe your program (if electronic versions are not available, please provide a link to the specific web page that provides details of your program)

Submission process

When ready, just submit the required documents by using the link below to the form that allows you to upload the PDFs or MS-Word files:

> Submit support materials for application


Thank you again for your interest in Executive MBA Council membership. For information about the application and review process, contact either:

Karen Mc Lintock
[email protected]

Michael Desiderio
Executive Director
[email protected]