On target

Designed especially for academic and/or administrative directors, associate and/or assistant directors, and others who are responsible for recruiting and marketing of Executive MBA Programs, the EMBAC Marketing & Admissions Program offers valuable perspectives and knowledge about the nature of the Executive MBA in today's marketplace.

Vital to now and the post-pandemic future

As a resource to help programs deal with the current impact of the pandemic and prepare for the post-pandemic future, the EMBAC Marketing & Admissions Program is more relevant and important than ever.

The program covers key content areas that include:

  • Differentiating your program and building a strong brand
  • Developing a content strategy that engages prospective students
  • Making the most of assessments and interviewing to identify and recruit talent
  • Applying best practices that relate to marketing, admissions, and candidate selection
  • Facing the challenges of an ever-changing environment

It also features:

  • Networking opportunities with your peers throughout the world
  • Cutting-edge ideas that you can apply immediately
  • Customized case studies
  • Interactive exercises that give participants opportunities to learn from each other
  • Experts in core content areas as instructors

2023 Program

The next EMBAC Marketing and Admissions Program will take place in March 2023. Look for registration information later this year.