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Take advantage of all your EMBAC membership benefits. The portal helps you maximize those benefits. Here is where you will register for the conference, webinars, and other EMBAC offerings and activities. Check out the council’s first knowledge center on technology, where members share their best practices in the critical area of technology-related enhancements. EMBAC also hosts the EMBAC website for members and the public, as well as a prospective student website.

From a member school 

If you are from a member school, you can request access to the EMBAC member portal. It’s simple. You will need to complete a form, and once confirmed and approved, you will receive password and login information.  Once you are approved, you will receive EMBAC communications and access other EMBAC benefits that are available on the portal. You also can request that the main contact from your school add you to the member portal database.

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Once you login, a page appears that welcomes you to the portal site. From the individualized landing page, you can access your own profile page and update it as necessary. You also can search for other members from the online directory and view their profiles. And you can access information that is available only to you as members, register for EMBAC events, and take part in other online features that help build and strengthen the EMBAC community.

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