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EMBAC offers great in-person opportunities to network and advance professional development – from the industry-event-of-the-year, the annual conference, to the Marketing and Admissions Program to regional meetings.  EMBAC also recognizes the convenience and ease of virtual offerings, which help make great content and enlightening discussions more accessible to members. With that in mind, EMBAC has designed several different types of virtual offerings that explore the latest trends, look at topics of current importance, and promote member engagement and discussion.

Virtual Discussion Forums (VDFs)

Delivered in a synchronous (live) format, VDFs are free sessions, one hour or less in duration, typically structured as a facilitated discussion around a topic of importance to the working professional education industry. Some of these VDFs involve an expert, others are purely intended to be a sharing of challenges, insights, and ideas among participants.

EMBAC will continue to add new VDFs in 2024!

Alumni Relations: Engaging for Sustained Success

Whether alumni relations are managed at the school level or program level, one point is clear: Alumni are a key element of long-term success for any program that serves working professionals and executives.

In this interactive session, presenters and participants will discuss ideas for best practice alumni engagement and approaches from both the school and program levels. This session also will stimulate thinking about the best measures for the ROI of alumni relations.

  • April 30, 2024
  • 10-11 AM Eastern

Kai Stenzel, Chief Market Officer, MANNHEIM BUSINESS SCHOOL; Mark Dierkes, Director of Recruitment, Drexel University; and Arnold Longboy, Executive Director of Admissions, New York University Abu Dhabi

No fee, registration required.


Program Operations: Making the Magic Happen

What comes to mind when you hear the phase "Program Operations?" Perhaps this conjures up images of:

  • Room sets
  • Meal services
  • Material ordering and distribution
  • Room scheduling
  • Facilities management
  • Student advising
  • Student onboarding
  • And more!

But have you thought of it as an integral and critical part of the ongoing student experience? This one-hour virtual session will share elements of best practice thinking in the approach to program operations. Of course, 60 minutes doesn't allow a deep dive into each element of program operations, but does allow a focus on how program operations serves as a curator of the overall student experience.

  • May 9, 2024
  • 10-11 AM Eastern

Stephan Kanlian, Professor and Chair, MSP: Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management, Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), Graduate Studies; Matt Morgan, Senior Associate Director of Student Affairs, Emory University; and Roser Marimón-Clos
Executive Director, Global Executive MBA, IESE Business School

No fee, registration required.


Virtual Short Programs (VSPs)

Delivered in a synchronous (live) format, VSPs focus on a topic of importance to the working professional education industry and pack great content into a convenient, time-saving format. A content expert typically leads these programs, which require a registration fee and typically run three hours total. 

Look for new VSPs in 2024!

Past VDF menu

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VIRTUAL DISCUSSION FORUM: Understanding and Leveraging the EMBAC Research Dashboard (Jan. 9, 2024; Jan. 17, 2024 & Jan. 25, 2024)
VIRTUAL DISCUSSION FORUM: Why Program Design: Innovating Executive Degree Programs (e.g., EMBA, MS): March 13, 2024

Past VSP menu

VIRTUAL SHORT PROGRAM: Getting There: A Practical Guide to Dynamic Stakeholder Management, December 5 & 6, 2023